You are NotHere

2013 & 2014

social media performance & photography

Laura Isaac

You Are #NotHere is a social-media-based performance collaboration by Laura Isaac and Maritza Ruiz-Kim investigating psycho-geography, an approach to geography that emphasizes playfulness and “drifting” around urban environments.

With the interconnectivity of people in distant cities through the internet and platforms such as Twitter, Google Maps, and Instagram, how can we experience a new city? In April 2013 we took turns being virtual tourists in cities we’ve never visited. A social-media performance and photography project, You Are #NotHere explores new paths to experience a place and develop connections.

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You Are #NotHere (San Francisco / Kansas City) premiered in 2013 as part of risesZora presented by The Charlotte Street Foundation and curated by Jamilee Polson Lacy. In 2014, You Are #NotHere (Oakland / St. Louis) was presented by The Luminary.