Digital Decor


digital print on wood, lenticular prints, and installation

Laura Isaac

This series was created in response to my ongoing 10,000 Hours project. I was interested in bringing the digital existence of 10,000 Hours back into the physical realm. Because of the all-consuming nature of a project like 10,000 Hours, it has changed not only my professional life (as I’m now a professional lace-knitter and teacher) but also my home life and habits. How much time is spent with spreadsheets and mobile device screens and yet our home environments don’t generally reflect these aesthetics. Since my 10,000 Hours spreadsheet is such a raw encapsulation of not only my work, but a large chunk of my life in general, I turned it into the literal backdrop for the installation as wallpaper. I took moments from some of my recent videos and gave them an embodied life as lenticular prints; a medium which has a very unique quality that cannot be easily captured and shared online. I take various aspects of the online experience of 10,000 Hours and bring them into the physical world in ways that don’t translate to the instant share-culture of our online lives.

Premier installation of works from Digital Decor were presented as part of IRL: internet <-> real life November 21st 2014 – January 3rd, 2015 at Paragraph Gallery, 23 E 12th Street, Kansas City, Missouri.