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Selected Exhibition History:

Flesh Crisis 2016 Performance Art Symposium
Curator: Jessica Borusky
July 7th –  9th, 2016
at La Esquina Gallery – Kansas City, MO
Kansas City Flatfile Invitational
June 11th –  September 24th, 2016
at H&R Block Artspace – Kansas City, MO

Processing Fiber

Curator: Elizabeth Hertl
September 23rd –  October 10th, 2015
at 250 Monroe, Calder Building – Grand Rapids, MI
Top 5 Best Venues Critics’ Award
Praxis: Visual Time
Curator: Wayne Kleppe
August 22nd, 2015
at The Annex, Little Berlin – Philadelphia, PA

Yeah, No, I Mean It: Time, Situation, Dexterity – Performance Art Symposium

Curator: Jessica Borusky
April 16th –  18th, 2015
at La Esquina Gallery – Kansas City, MO

Art in the Loop

Curator: Jessica Borusky
November 1st, 2014 – January 15th, 2015
online and throughout the downtown business district – Kansas City, MO
IRL: internet < – > real life
November 21st,, 2014 – January 3rd, 2015
at Paragraph Gallery – Kansas City, MO
Into the Night Sea
November 16th, 2013
at The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures – Kansas City, MO
rises Zora
Curator: Jamilee Polson Lacy
May 20th – June 4th, 2012
on Twitter and at Prairie Logic – Kansas City, MO
10,000 Hours – La Grande Vitesse
Curators: Adoration Detroit for the City of Grand Rapids, MI
September 25th – October 7th, 2012
at Vandenberg Plaza – Grand Rapids, MI
Top 5 Urban Space Award Short List by Juror Susan Szenasy.
The Frontier: The Charlotte Street Foundation’s 15th Anniversary
Curators: Julia Cole & Jane Gotch
April 20th – May 19th, 2012
at Paragraph Gallery – Kansas City, MO
New York Group Show
Curator: Kianga Ellis
December 28th, 2011 – January 2nd, 2012
at Kianga Ellis Projects – Brooklyn, NY
While You Wait: The Art of the Lobby
Curator: Brian Dupont
October 6th – November 8th, 2011
at The Extra Gallery – Chelsea, NY
Kianga Ellis Projects
Curator: Kianga Ellis
July 8th – August 23rd, 2011
at HD3 (Sanbusco Railyard District) – Santa Fe, NM
Presents: 3 Months of Mail Art
Curators: Kate Wadkins & Hrag Vartanian
June, 2011
at Hyperallergic HQ – Brooklyn, NY
Walking the Ground – Solo Show
April 7th – 23rd, 2011
at The UMKC Art Gallery – Kansas City, MO

More available upon request.

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