10,000 Hours

ongoing, 2011 – present


Laura Isaac

For more information visit: 10khoursproject.com

10,000 Hours is a long-term performance and visual project exploring and documenting the subjective experience of skill development by learning to knit.

With 10,000 Hours, I share the entire process. I am opening up every aspect of the project, from thoughts and emotions to straight-forward documentation of my mistakes and accomplishments. Offering myself and my time in the spirit of exploration and discovery; what can we learn about how we pursue goals, acquire skills, and even identify ourselves?

Now at just over a third of the way through the project I am a professional knitter and lace designer. I have chosen to focus primarily on lace: teaching classes, knitting handmade heirloom pieces, and designing shawls, veils, and accessories.


10,000 hours of sometimes awkward, sometimes elegantly simple transformation.